Expertise and clients

We are experts in property law – with a special focus on tenancy law – and administrative law. We can advise you (and, if desired, litigate on your behalf)  in cases involving   letting, purchase, sale, property development, construction, ground leases, restructuring/renovation and public housing regulations. Our clients range from institutional and private investors to housing corporations, property developers and estate agents/letting agents. We also represent tenants. Promoting the interests of both tenants and landlords keeps us on our toes and improves the support we can offer you. When handling cases that require expertise in a different legal area, we have access to a network of specialised law firms, legal experts and tax advisers for advice and client referrals.

Dedication and knowledge

Powered by dedication and a drive for excellence, we analyse the client’s interests and business operations in each case and, in consultation with the client, we adapt our strategy accordingly. Our legal team has in-depth knowledge of all matters relating to property law and tenancy law. We also continue to hone our expertise beyond the legal domain, for example as editors, editors-in-chief and authors of leading journals and standard publications in our field, as lecturers and instructors at various universities and training centres, as legislative advisers on the Tenancy Law Advisory Committee of the Dutch Law Association (Orde van Advocaten) and by providing advice on second opinions. As well as broadening our horizons, our approach enables us to consider a whole range of aspects in the cases we take on. [For further information, see: News & Information]

Collaboration and results

As we work with you to deliver the right solution, we always seek to exceed your expectations. We accomplish this by developing innovative legal services, using our very extensive knowledge and expertise in creative ways, and by being mindful of our clients’ particular interests, internal operating processes and specific context. We are practical and we aim to find solutions that will really work for your organisation: solutions that provide a solid foundation for your strategy and future success.